- Masters Of Metal -

Locally grown in Orange, Tyranis pumps out the hard-rock, thrash, and heavy metal jams gathering crowds and inspiring people to move with the groove. They're able to rock the crowd with a myriad of their own music from two recorded albums, Tyranis (self-titled black) and Out On Bail, available on CD and MP3, in addition to well known covers of metal, and hard-rock from the masters of the genre and their musical inspirations like Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Thin Lizzy.

Some of Tyranis' most crowd pleasing shows happened at the Anaheim House Of Blues, the Constellation Room, and every type of bar, town hall or open space willing to receive uber heavy guitar, bass, and drums vibrating awesomeness into their ear holes. Check out the videos I've attached and judge for yourself

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